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About Africa Together

Africa Together is organised by a committee representing various Africa-focused student societies across the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University.

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The Africa Together Team 2016

Halimatou Hima


Halimatou Hima is from Niger Republic, pursuing her PhD in Development Studies as a Cambridge-Africa Trust scholar.Her research is on trends and patterns that may explain how and why some students from rural areas succeed in furthering their education while others don’t. Halimatou is particularly interested in the intersection of research and public policy with the aim of meaningfully contributing to improving the livelihoods of the most impoverished, particularly women in rural areas. She is a graduate from the United World College and holds a BA from Wellesley College and a Master in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


Nafisa Waziri 

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Nafisa is a first year PhD student studying Development Studies student from Nigeria. She has a background in Chemistry (BSc) and Environmental Technology (MSc). She has spent the past three years working in the international development field in Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Her current research is on the computational simulation of social complexity within the context of national development efforts and the international aid industry.


Taskeen Adam


Taskeen Adam is a Chevening Scholar and is doing her MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development at The University of Cambridge. She was the Chairperson of the School Council for Electrical Engineers at the University of Witwatersrand and was an executive member of Engineers Without Borders South Africa, an organisation that focuses on human centred design. Back in South Africa, she founded Solar Powered Learning, an initiative that helps deliver low-cost, energy-efficient educational resources to underprivileged learners. Following this, her current research focuses on educational technologies and teaching practices in Rwanda.


Jolly Dusabe


Miss Dusabe Jolly is an agriculture development expert, currently pursuing a PHD at Cambridge University studying the core drivers to agriculture growth in Rwanda. For the last seven years, she was a Senior Government official in Rwanda, leading multi-donor, rural development projects within the Ministry of Agriculture. During that time she was responsible for development of infrastructure for land husbandry, irrigation and marketing to facilitate sustainable agriculture development in many parts of the country. She was also at the forefront of ensuring community education that was geared towards increase knowledge for farmer organisation, saving, accountability, financial management, marketing and better agricultural techniques for increased productivity and poverty eradication. Ms Dusabe also worked at the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture where she was involved in development and distribution of disease free technologies for banana farmers in Uganda. She is an effective leader who strives to achieve excellence. She is passionate about solutions for productivity increased for small scale farmers in Africa. In March 2013 on Women’s day, she was voted by The Guardian as number 21 of Africa’s top women achievers.


Edyth Parker


Edyth Parker is a South African Commonwealth Scholar, pursuing her MPhil in Epidemiology at the University of Cambridge. Her primary research field is the dynamics of infectious disease, driven by her interest to provide evidence in addressing the burden of disease that disproportionately affects sub-Saharan Africa. She is passionate about the central role of the public health sector in maintaining a just and equal society. She holds a BSc in Biotechnology from the University of the Western Cape and a BMedSci Hon. from the University of Cape Town.


Edem Doreen Asimadu


Edem Doreen Asimadu is a Ghanaian, studying for an MPhil in Development Studies. Edem is passionate about African Leadership and development, and envisions a continent that is economically independent; creating inclusive opportunities for all its people. She is a strong believer in Africa's potential and hopes this conference will contribute to the extensive debates and efforts that are shaping policy in Africa.


Muazu Abdul-mu-umin

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Muazu Abdul-mu-umin is a third year an undergraduate law student at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge and has been a course representative for two years. He is also working on his major dissertation entitled “The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has no codified rules on its laws with regards to digital trade: what could be the proposed digital trade's legal position in the future?” Previously, Muazu has worked in her Majesty’s Armed Forces (U.K) as a transport and logistics specialist. He has also worked as an Area Council Chairman and a Managing Director to IBN J Enterprise in Ghana.        


Chinedu Ugwu


Chinedu Ugwu is a PhD researcher at the university of Cambridge with interest in infection and immunity. His research is on understanding the interaction of RNA viruses with the immune system. He is also a junior editor for the Early Stage Researchers journal (ESR). Previously, Chinedu obtained a doctor of veterinary medicine degree (DVM) from university of Ibadan and a master of science (MSc) in immunology from university of Oxford. Aside from science, he has avid interest in politics and development in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. He is currently the president of Cambridge university Nigeria student society.


Amir Lebioui 


Amir is a PhD candidate at the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge. His research addresses the role of the State in avoiding the resource curse and harnessing natural resources for growth. He is from Algeria, which partly explains his interest in studying the political economy of natural resources and broader African development challenges. Amir also holds an MPhil in Development Studies and a BA in International Relations.


Debbie Onuoha


Debbie is a World History MPhil. student, and the Lt. Charles H. Fiske III Scholar from Harvard University. Her research focuses on the fabrication of African print in the period 1850-1980. She is also very interested in non-fiction filmmaking and will chair the “Narratives” panel. Debbie is Ghanaian-Nigerian and a member of Trinity College.


Toni Oki


Toni is a final year Economics student at the University of Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College. He has a passion for economics, policy and entrepreneurship in Nigeria and other countries across Africa. Toni has worked with McKinsey & Company in London on client projects in the telecoms, financial institutions and social sectors. He has further experience with the Evidence for Policy Design research programme at the Harvard Kennedy School and in the Office of the Chief Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Toni has also spent time working with a variety of small businesses in Burkina Faso and Sénégal, and remotely on an entrepreneurship programme in Tanzania.


Raymond Chegedua Tangonyire


Raymond Chegedua Tangonyire comes from Ghana. He has had an inter-disciplinary academic life, having pursued different programmes in different universities, currently, a PhD. Candidate in Education, Jesus College, University of Cambridge; MPhil. Educational leadership, Jesus College, University of Cambridge; BPhil. Philosophy, Pontificia Universidad Gregoriana, Rome, Italy; BA. Theology, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya; BSc. Hons. Agriculture, University of Cape Coast, Ghana; Dip. Tourism and Travel Agency Management, Cambridge Tutorial College, Jersey, Britain. His professional experiences include banking, teaching, consultancy, school management, and charity work. Raymond is a Roman Catholic Priest and has travelled widely across Africa and Europe.


Joy Osegboh  


Joy Osegboh is an undergraduate student at Anglia Ruskin University, studying Optometry. She is a photographer, language enthusiast and an ambassador for The Natural Hair Network- she showcases all her creative ventures on her blog - Joy is Nigerian, grew up in Nigeria and now lives in the UK.


Josh Platzky Miller


Josh Platzky Miller works on how education is contested by counter-hegemonic political movements in times of social rupture. Having previously studied at the University of Cape Town, Josh is now a PhD candidate in the Centre of Development Studies in Cambridge. This has involved work on a range of topics, including critiques of developmentality, political philosophy of language, digital identities, Black Consciousness, Liberation Theology, and understandings of economic categories and their impact on policies. More broadly, Josh has worked on issues around the digital divide, education and skills-building, self-actualisation and self-expression, and political mobilisation in Brazil, Botswana, and South Africa.


Malachi D. Fortune Apudo-Achola


Malachi D. Fortune Apudo-Achola is PhD Commonwealth Split-site/Cambridge Trust scholar pursuing PhD (Music Education and Technology) at Darwin College. He has a Masters of Music Education and Technology (Kenyatta university, Kenya), and Bachelor of Education in Music (Kenyatta University), Kenya. He is affiliated to Technical University of Kenya, TUK-K, where he started his PhD. His current Doctoral research is entitled, “Supporting higher education music programmes in Kenya: towards a pedagogic framework to transform student learning with technology-mediated learning environments.”  Malachi is a Tutorial fellow and assistant lecturer at the Department of Music&Theatre studies, School of Arts and Social Sciences at Maseno University, Kenya. Formerly, a lecturer at Kenyatta University Dept. of Music, Film and Theatre Arts and Kabarak University. He is also a member of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) and International Council of Traditional Music (ICTM), Pan African Society for Musical Arts Educators (PASMAE), Association of Music Educators of East Africa (AMEEA), Kenya Association of Musical Arts Education(KAMAE), Kenya Music Festival Foundation (KMF) and Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festival Foundation. Has published in peer reviewed journals in and outside Africa. Malachi is a versatile practitioner, teacher-student, educator, musician, performer, dance choreographer, instrumentalist, actor, deejay and a flexible African contemporary dancer with flare for excellence in his work. He supports a lot of community-based youth empowerment activities in East Africa (see you tube).


Odunlami Mayowa

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A Resilient Living Specialist and Green Business analyst from Nigeria. He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria and he is currently pursuing his Masters of Arts in Intercultural Communications at the Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge. He is the President of the Anglia Ruskin University Nigerian Students Association with a deep passion for youth academic and socio-economic prosperity. Missity is a Creative designer and the Creative Director of his company Missity Expressions that delivers high quality Digital Advertising and Branding services for the past 6 years. He is also a member of the Green Party Cambridge and other "Go Green" advocacy groups Nationwide.


Adannaya Igwe

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Adannaya is a final year clinical medical student at Cambridge University, of Nigerian heritage. She is interested in improving access to higher education opportunities for African students, and have previously volunteered for the Africa Gifted Foundation and worked with the International Students Union to highlight some of the problems faced by international students applying to the University.


Dineo Lioma

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Dineo is an MPhil in Micro and Nanotechnology Enterprise student at the University of Cambridge. She is South African and studied Materials Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her current research is focused on creating new technologies that will harness ambient energy sources. She aims to find alternative off-grid solutions that will power Africa. Dineo is most passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship and is a fellow of the the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. The NPO seeks to empower potential future change agents with entrepreneurial and leadership skills so that they may bring about a positive economic, social and political change in Africa.



Grâce Bingoto Mandoko



Grâce Bingoto Mandoko is the David and Elaine Potter Scholar at the university of Cambridge. She is currently pursuing an MPhil in International Relations and Politics. She holds a BA in International Studies and a B. Hons. In International relations and Politics from the University of Johannesburg. She is the former Chairperson of the University of Johannesburg Congolese Society. Her current research is on narratives surrounding violence, death and identity in conflict in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Apart from her passion for issues of conflict and governance in her country, the DRC, Grâce has a strong interest in women and youth empowerment, the energy sector in Africa, political thought and education.

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