may 30, 2020
Investing in Young People
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may 30, 2020
Building Africa’s Human Capital and Future
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may 30, 2020
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About the conference

The African Society of Cambridge University (ASCU) in conjunction with the Cambridge Africa Business Network (CABN) is pleased to announce the seventh annual Africa Together Conference, which will take place on Saturday, May 30, 2020.

The theme for this year’s edition of the conference is “Investing in Young People: Building Africa’s Human Capital and Future.” The conference aims to provide a platform for critical discourse on how the creativity and potential of young people in Africa can be harnessed for the advancement of the continent. The conference will bring together speakers who are regional and national policymakers, thought leaders and innovators, business leaders, educators, civil society leaders, who have distinguished themselves as change-makers intent on ensuring that the potential of young Africans is realised. Our hope is that this conference will allow governments, private sector stakeholders, the African diaspora, academics and other institutional actors to create inclusive partnerships, and to build concrete coordinated response mechanisms to current continental challenges facing young people.



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