About the conference

The African Society of Cambridge University (ASCU) is pleased to announce the sixth annual ‘Africa Together’ conference, which will be held on Saturday, the 1st June 2019.

The theme for this year’s edition of the conference is “Which Way Forward? Africa and The Global Agenda for Sustainable Development”. The Conference proposes to minimise the rhetoric and to showcase the concrete ways in which African policy makers, business leaders, innovators, young people have responded to the call for sustainable action. The Conference will also confront complacent assumptions about Africa’s inability to meet the welfare aspirations of its citizens by showing how partnerships, science and technology, creative and innovative solutions as well as a willingness to engage women and other underrepresented groups are being leveraged all over the continent for real and measurable sustainable growth.

To this end, the Conference, this year, will bring together distinguished speakers representing the resilience and vibrancy of a continent on the move, and diversity of the Africa. The Speakers have been drawn from global, regional and national policy makers, thought and business leaders, young innovators, educators, civil society and other professional publics. The speakers have been identified and are being recognized for the work they are doing in various sectors and industries, and particularly the ways in which their work connects to and substantiates the reality of a sustainably developed Africa.

The Africa Together Conference is organized by the African Society of Cambridge University with the support of the University of Cambridge, UK. The Africa Society of Cambridge University (ASCU) is the umbrella body of various African societies at the University of Cambridge. In previous years the Conference has been organised together with the African Society of the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.